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September 19, 2011 / The Markham's

Friends, Family and Birthday Parties! Oh MY!!

Sorry for the delay in posting. We have been a busy family the last 2 weeks. The last couple weekends have been full of BBQs, friends, family and birthday parties. Jackson attended Broyden Day’s birthday party a couple weekends ago. He had a blast playing all by himself, cause his nutty parents got the time wrong and got to the party 2 hours early. Regardless, Jackson got to see the birthday boy and left the party with some sweet party favors and the best balloon animal ever.

Mom started decorating for Halloween. Jackson likes to move the pumpkins around the house. He picks them up and says “bye”.

This past weekend we visited family in Salina. It was cousin Brauer’s 10th birthday. Jackson got to witness what his birthdays will be like in a few years. 10 crazy boys running around wild. (Mom and Dad are not ready for that!) Before the party we went to watch the future Tony Romo (cousin Brauer) play football. He is good!!

Jackson found lots of stuff to do at Aunt Tammy and Uncle Rob’s new pad. It’s cool!!! For example, they have this thing that if you step on it really hard, it shoot off a rocket. Jackson wasn’t heavy enough to launch it, but one day!

They have big fields to run crazy in and 2 dogs!

I hope one day I can ride these 2 cool toys!!

You can tell by Jackson’s eyes, he had a great time.

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