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August 22, 2011 / The Markham's

Cousin Brauer and Talyn

It was another busy week and weekend for Jackson and the Markham’s. Cousins Brauer and Talyn and Uncle Rob and Aunt Tammy came to visit. Jackson had to help pull his weight around the house and we tasked him with watering the plants and Willie. He did a really good job, but more water ended up on Jackson then the plants. Go figure….

Finally Friday arrived, so did the Jilka’s and all the craziness. The kids had a pizza party Friday followed up with staying up too late. Saturday Mom, Aunt Tammy, Brauer, Talyn and Jackson went to the zoo. We got a few sights in before it rained us out 😦 We decided to head to the mall. Jackson got a new pair a shoes for school, he runs really fast! Saturday while mom and dad went to Aunt Mo’s birthday party Jackson played with his cousins. As you can see, they get along pretty well, for now 🙂 It was a great weekend and everyone had a blast.

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